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We'll work hard so you don't have to!

Residential Cleaning

The amount of work to keep a tidy home can take a significant amount of time from your schedule. Hiring a friendly, professional staff provides you with peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands while taking your free time to do as you please. Our staff is skilled in properly cleaning, dusting, sanitizing and keeping your home in order. 

Commercial Cleaning

Contracting out janitorial duties is a cost effective alternative to managing your own cleaning crew. Employees at Pure Clean Maintenance are trained in proper sanitation practice and will keep environments germ free. Bacteria thrive in office environments as many areas are under constant use. Healthier environments lead to healthier employees and less sick days. There is also the freedom of scheduling services when it is most convenient to your business, be it during or after work hours.


Most people don't realize the amount of maintenance a home requires. Painting may seem easy but the smallest oversight can seriously impact the look of your home or living area. Hiring our professionals ensures your project is completed quickly and expertly while keeping you in full control of the end result. Professional advice is at the ready whenever you need it, our painters will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction with the project.


A well maintained, beautiful lawn is every homeowners dream. This desire drives many to spend their weekends outdoors for hours on end. Hiring Pure Clean Maintenance will help free up your time while also maintaining the yard you've always yearned for. There is no need to purchase and maintain all of the necessary equipment like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, edgers etc. when you have a professional ready to come in at your convenience.


All of us have those little troublesome problems around the house. Things like a door that won't close properly, a torn window screen, leaky faucets, or even hanging pictures are problems we can't or don't want to do ourselves.  Handyman services to include repairs, minor improvements, assembly.  Call on us for your handyman projects.

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